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Harry is eighteen now. He studies in a middle school. His parents like him very much and hope he can become a famous man. So they often tell him to study hard and they do all for him. They call him at six in the morning, after breakfast his father takes him to school in a car and in the afternoon, as soon as the young man comes back, the supper is ready. Of course, he never washes his clothes or goes to buy something in the shops.

  once Harry's father was sent to London on business. He would stay there for half a year. Leaving, he told his wife to take good care of their son. The woman had to get up earlier and did all what her husband did before. And two months later she was so tired that she was ill in bed. Now the young man got into trouble. He couldn't do any housework. He had to do as his mother told him. Even he didn't know where to get on the bus!

  Yesterday Harry's mother found his shoes were worn out and told him to buy a new pair in the shop. But he didn't know how to choose. The woman had a sigh and gave him a shoe pattern and told him to buy a pair of shoes himself. It's Saturday today and Harry doesn't go to school. With a policeman's help, he found a shop. The shopkeeper was friendly to him. The man brought a lot of shoes and asked him to choose. When he was trying on a pair, suddenly he remembered something and took them off. The man was surprised and asked, "What's the matter, young man?"

  "I'm sorry, I've left the shoe pattern at home!"

  1. _______ always does some housework in the morning.

  A. Harry's father B. Harry's mother C. Harry D. Nobody

  2. Harry's parents do all instead of him because _______.

  A. he's too young B. he has poor health

  C. he's busy with his studies D. they hope he spends all time on studies

  4. In fact, _______.

  A. Harry wanted his mother to buy shoes for him

  B. Harry didn't believe himself

  C. Harry wouldn't listen to his mother

  D. Harry was strong enough to buy shoes for himself



  1. A。细则题。依据 The woman had to get up earlier and did all what her husband did before 可以判断以前是她的老公做这部分事的,因此应该选择 A。

  2. D。细则题。依据 So they often tell him to study hard and they do all for him可知答案为D。

  3. A。判断题。依据第2段第1句话 once Harry's father was sent to London on business. He would stay there for half a year 可知答案为 A。

  4. B。细则题。依据第2段最后一句 Even he didn't know where go get on the bus 可知答案为 B。

  5. C。细则题。依据 And two months later she was so tired that she was ill in bed可知答案为 C。

  6. B。判断题。Harry 亲自去买鞋子,却不知晓自己试一试,他不相信我们的脚却只相信鞋样,因此应该选择 B。

1. ________ not to miss the flight at 15∶20,the manager set out for the airport in a hurry.


  C.To remind D.Having reminded

  分析:选B。句意:有人提醒经理不要错过15∶20的航班,他匆忙出发去了机场。本题考查非谓语动词作状语。主句主语the manager与remind之间的关系为逻辑上的动宾关系,故排除A、C、D三项,由于这三项表主动,而只有B项表被动。

  2.Dina,________ for months to find a job as a waitress,finally took a position at a local advertising agency.

  A.struggling B.struggled

  C.having struggled D.to struggle

  分析:选C。此处分词短语作时间状语,其逻辑主语Dina与struggle为主动关系,故排除B项。由句中的finally可知非谓语动词表示的动作发生在句中谓语took a position之前,故用目前分词的完成主动式。

  3.________ the right kind of training,these teenage soccer players may one day grow into international stars.

  A.Giving B.Having given

  C.To give D.Given

  分析:选D。考查非谓语动词。假如把句子补充完整应该是:If they are given the right kind of training,可知主语they即these teenage soccer players与give之间是被动关系,所以用过去分词。而A、B、C三项都不表示被动含义。

  4.________ many times,he finally understood it.

  A.Told B.Telling

  C.Having told D.Having been told

  分析:选D。考查非谓语动词。tell与主语之间的关系是被动关系,故排除表示主动意义的B项和C项。由状语many times可知tell这一动作在谓语动词understand之前发生过多次,所以用having been done来表示被动和完成。

  5.________ by the advances in technology,many farmers have set up wind farms on their land.

  A.Being encouraged B.Encouraging

  C.Encouraged D.Having encouraged

  分析:选C。考查非谓语动词。因为主语many farmers和作状语的encourage之间是被动关系,排除表示主动意义的B项和D项。而being encouraged除表示被动外,还表示进行。农民们显然不是正在受到科技进步的激励,故排除A项。

  6.________ in 1636,Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States.

  A.Being founded B.It was founded

  C.Founded D.Founding


  7.________ as the “First Lady of Speech”,Dr Lillian Glass is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on communication skills.

  A.Knowing B.Having known

  C.Known D.To be known

  分析:选C。 be known as被叫做……。Dr Lillian Glass与know之间为被动关系,应用过去分词形式作状语。A、B表主动,应排除;D项表以后,也可排除。

  8.________ more attention,the trees could have grown better.

  A.Given B.To give

  C.Giving D.Having given

  分析:选A。考分数查询词作状语。句子主语the trees与give之间是被动关系,而四个选项中只有A项表示被动意义,故答案选A。Given more attention像是一个条件状语从句If the trees were given more attention。

  9.________ in thought,he almost ran into the car in front of him.

  A.Losing B.Having lost

  C.Lost D.To lose

  分析:选C。考分数查询词作状语。句意:因为陷入沉思,他差一点撞到前面的车上。be lost in thought为固定搭配,意为“陷入沉思”。过去分词短语lost in thought在句中作缘由状语。

  10.The research is so designed that once ________ nothing can be done to change it.

  A.begins B.having begun

  C.beginning D.begunw

  分析:选D。考分数查询词作状语。句意:这项调查研究事先计划的这样完好,以至于一旦开始,什么也没办法改变它。begin与research之间是被动关系,排除表示主动意义的A、B、C三项。once begun在句中作条件状语,它是状语从句once it is begun的省略形式。

  11.Generally speaking,________ according to the directions,the drug has no side effect.

  A.when taking B.when taken

  C.when to take D.when to be taken

  分析:选B。考分数查询词作状语。完整的说法应是when the drug is taken according to the directions...。因为主句的主语和从句的主语相同,因此可以省略从句的主语the drug和谓语的一部分is,故答案为B。

  12.________ into use in April,2000,the hotline was meant for residents reporting water and heating supply breakdowns.

  A.Put B.Putting

  C.Having put D.Being put

  分析:选A。考查过去分词作状语。句子的主语是the hotline与put into use“投入用”存在被动关系,排除表示主动的B项和C项。D项表示正在投入用,不符合语境。

  13.In order not to be found,I spent the whole night ________ in my room.

  A.locking B.locked

  C.to lock D.lock

  分析:选B。考查过去分词作状语。句意:为了不被找到,我整晚上都把自己锁在我们的房间里。lock的逻辑主语I和lock之间存在被动关系,故用过去分词作随着状语。本题易受“spend... doing sth.句型的影响,易误选A。其实我并非把整晚上的时间都用在了“锁”这一动作上,故排除A。

  14.________,liquids can be changed into gases.

  A.Heating B.To be heated

  C.Heated D.Heat


  15.Unless ________ to speak,you should remain silent at the conference.

  A.invited B.inviting

  C.being invited D.having invited

  分析:选A。考查过去分词作状语。句意:除非受到邀请讲话,不然在大会上你应该维持沉默。invite与you之间是被动关系,排除B、D。being invited表示正在受到邀请,不符合语境。


  1.If I am offered great help,I can get rid of all the difficulties.

  ________ ________ ________,I can get rid of all the difficulties.

  答案:Offered great help

  2.Because she was frightened,she asked me to go with her.

  ________,she asked me to go with her.


  3.If he is given time,he’ll make a first?class tennis player.________________,he’ll make a first?class tennis player.

  答案:Given time

  4.He stood there silently,and he was moved to tears.

  He stood there silently,________________________.

  答案:moved to tears

  5.When they were first introduced to the market,these products enjoyed great success.

  When first ________________________________,these products enjoyed great success.

  答案:introduced to the market

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